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Paul Gamache, L.Ac, is a Certified Provider of Active Release Techniques® in La Jolla, San Diego.  He is Full Body certified in Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine, as well as in Long Tract Nerve Entrapments.

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Active Release Techniques is considered by many a stand alone therapy, and indeed, it is highly effective as such. Many athletes, and others, have benefitted by ART®  treatments. In Paul’s experience however, there are times when the combination of Acupuncture, especially Motor Point Acupuncture, with ART® can more effectively make substantial changes in soft tissue energetics, resulting in less pain, increased function, and quicker recovery times.


La Jolla Active Release Techniques

A patented, state of the art soft tissue system and movement based manual therapy,  ART® effectively treats pain by directly addressing the causes.

Not to be confused with the more general terms, “soft tissue release” and “pin and stretch”,  ART® is a scientifically based system of diagnoses and treatment. The “release” refers to the breaking of adhesions within and/or between tissues, enabling proper function and movement.
A Certified Active Release Techniques Provider will trap a problem tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) and separate it from the others it has become adhered to by putting the tissues through specific range of motion while the contact is held. This method causes less irritation than the more general approaches.
ART® provides for a much greater success in normalizing function and reducing pain because of its specificity of diagnoses and treatment.

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La Jolla, San Diego Active Release Techniques

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