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Paul Gamache, L.Ac, is a fully trained and Certified Practitioner of Symmetry’s program known as Success Through Alignment Restoration (STAR) Therapy.  Symmetry  can be combined with acupuncture and other therapies for improved results.
symmetry for pain relief, chronic pain eased by posture correcting exercises

Symmetry is a unique program that provides lasting relief from chronic and recurring pain by specifically focusing on pain relief through postural re-alignment and corrective exercises. In just a few minutes a day, one can be permanently rid of chronic pain in a safe, non-invasive, inexpensive way.

Symmetry is a patented, physics-based program, which separates itself from other programs not just by the uniqueness of the exercises themselves, but more importantly by the use of the Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.), a patented tool which objectively measures your specific misalignments. Through Symmetry’s patented software program, these measurements are calculated three-dimensionally to determine the specific stretching/strengthening positions required to correct those misalignments.

Athletes use Symmetry to optimize performance, naturally. The simple truth is that with proper structural alignment, the body functions and responds to demands with ultimate efficiency, allowing athletes to be faster, stronger, more agile, and less prone to injury. With all the effort athletes put into training, they can only reach their true potential if their structure allows for ultimate efficiency. It all starts with proper alignment.

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