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Symmetry and Acupuncture


Paul combines Symmetry with Acupuncture to enhance the effects of treatment.

Acupuncture not only provides immediate reduction in pain, but changes the muscle energetics allowing for faster changes in posture. Careful consideration is given to determine the muscles most directly related to the area of pain and dysfunction. The motor points of the identified muscles are located and needled, providing the immediate effect of changing muscle length, thereby affecting the body’s structural alignment as well as releasing the tension contributing to the patients pain.

This sets up the patient for their Symmetry / STAR Therapy quite nicely, as the exercises now have a much more compliant system to work with. The continuation of the routines on a daily basis provides an ongoing unwinding of years of dysfunction while at the same time reinforcing proper alignment. This process leads to substantial reduction of pain with lasting effects- often, pain is eliminated entirely.

The combination of Symmetry and Acupuncture together, is a powerful way to address postural correction and alleviate pain.

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