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Chronic Pain Relief

Symmetry is a unique, patented, physics-based program consisting of two distinct parts: objective evaluation and effective therapy for chronic pain relief, unique to each individual’s requirements.


This part separates itself from other programs by objectively measuring the body at 21 bony landmarks, using the Palpation Meter. This provides specific information that is used to monitor progress by referencing this data throughout the program. A new evaluation is performed at each session and is compared to past evaluations, tracking changes and progress in real time.

The data gathered is utilized by Symmetry’s patented Licensed to Heal (LTH) software program which calculates the measurements three-dimensionally to determine the specific exercises required to correct the individual’s misalignments. The exercises are organized into a routine that intelligently proceeds through a sensible progression through the three planes of movement, prioritized by the level of dysfunction.


As a fully trained and Certified STAR Practitioner, Paul makes final adjustments to the routine to ensure that it will be as effective as possible. The routines generated typically have 8 or 9 exercises which take 15-20 minutes total. For best results, these are performed twice a day- once in the morning to start the day in-correction, and then again at the end of the day to correct the imbalances caused by the day’s activities.

Acupuncture is used in conjunction with Symmetry for patients who are experiencing intense chronic pain, and/or need to make faster changes, such as athletes wanting to return to training and competition sooner.

Chronic pain relief through Symmetry

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